Team 17 teasing interesting new Overcooked 2 DLC

A new tweet from Team 17 seems to be teasing more Overcooked 2 DLC.

There’s very little to take from the tweet so far as it’s mostly a black image, but we can just about make out a title and some of the background. The caption reads ‘Something new is coming to #Overcooked2’

DLC has been coming out for the game at a steady rate and this time last year content was released to celebrate The Year of the Pig, so it would make sense.

Overcooked 2 recently received a free Winter Wonderland update in time for Christmas, with the last paid DLC being the Carnival of Chaos.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the image is the splat that’s being used. Without reading into things too much, that reminds us of a certain Nintendo IP that has also been teased recently.

Surely we’re not going to get a Overcooked DLC crossover with Splatoon? Are we? It certainly seems like they’ve got the colour palette for it. And they did say something new.

More as we get it.

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