Expansive: Big Games of 2014 – Part Two

In the second part of our Big Games of 2014 feature, we take a look at Evolve, Dragon Age Inquisition, WildStar, Super Smash Bros and Batman Arkham Knight. These are all looking like some fantastic games; no doubt you want to know more about them and, of course, when you can get them?

Well, you’ll just have to check out the video to find out and, of course, if you missed the first part of the feature, I suggest you head back and check that one out as well.

2014 is a year crammed with AAA titles and there’s simply too many to be able to fit them all into even two videos, but hopefully we managed to shine some light on the biggest games hitting both the digital and physical stores this year. If you think we’ve missed any big names out, however, be sure to leave your thoughts and comments  in the comments section below! You never know, if there’s enough of them, we may just have to turn this feature into a trilogy!


Part Two 


Part One


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