Expansive Opportunities: Trials Evolution: Gold Edition

The ever popular Trials Evolution will hit PC this March, but what exactly is the Gold Edition?

We got some hands-on time with the game and liked what we saw…

Trials Evolution on PC is, like-for-like, the same game that launched on Xbox 360 last year. That said, graphically, it’s far superior. Trials Evolution, and indeed, Trials HD, have never looked so glorious on the high resolution possibilities of PC gaming. While using a keyboard will never be a preferred method of play over a controller, the whole PC experience feels a lot smoother and engaging from the off.

The selling point of Gold Edition, however, is the remastered Trials HD tracks, specially redesigned using the Evolution engine. The physics for each level are completely attuned to Evolution, making things a little easier on the player. Quite incredibly, the levels themselves seem to thrive as never before, taking on a brand new lease of life, and making them instantly replayable for even the most ardent and experienced Trials HD player.

And, in line with the series ruthless track record, there are also extra special hard tracks for the truly elite to sink their teeth into.

Trials Gold is solidly where it belongs, on PC, and, in addition to all the original Evolution content, as well as the remastered Trials HD levels, Gold Edition will also include the ever popular Track Editor. Where this has been a popular feature on Xbox 360, Red Lynx are extremely excited and  interested to see how far the PC community can take things.




I asked Lee Rowland, Level Designer for Trials Evolution, how interested he is in the PC modding scene and what types of things he hopes to see come out of the launch of Gold Edition:

Oh definitely! Of course we are interested! The modding community is huge, especially on PC and it really shows how committed gamers are to their favourite games. I mean with games like Minecraft, people make amazing things. We’ve seen some amazing tracks and I can’t wait to see what people can do with the Gold Edition

Lee went on to tell us that Red Lynx even tested some of their harder tracks on the best Trials player for research. As far as they’re concerned, the best opinions to have on the game, apart from their own, are those who’ve spent countless hours perfecting their jumps, landings and clocking the best times.

Lee talked a bit about his background and how he got his start at Red Lynx. He said that he started out as a modder, and got noticed by making his own tracks which eventually led to him getting a job. Lee has remained a fan of modding ever since, and believes that people who make their own modifications to games, providing they’re not manipulating the online experience, are amazing. Lee loves to see the ways in which a game can be expanded on and completely changed, and plays many in his spare time.  He feels the track editor could be an enormous addition to the already huge PC modding scene, and will surely surpass all the amazing work that has already been achieved on Xbox 360.

It was a pleasure to meet someone so enthusiastic about revealing what he has been working on, and at the same time, being so open about sharing his game with the community, seeing how they can fundamentally change the experience.


The Gold Edition will allow players to experience Trials Evolution as they never have before with Multiplayer access to HD tracks, as well as many new and challenging additions to the game.

It’s time to crunch your keyboard into a million pieces and smash your head through the monitor screen. Trials Evolution Gold Edition is here to frustrate and inspire, while somehow entertaining you on the way.

Trials Evolution Gold Edition releases March 22nd on PC. It’ll definitely be well worth the wait!

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