Fallout 4 coming in 2015

Oh, my, where do I begin? Actually, I know. Fallout 4 is coming in October. 2015. YES! Really! This Year.

I know, right?!

Ok, deep breath. Todd Howard has just blown open Pandora’s Box on Fallout 4 at the Bethesda E3 Conference. He’s talked about an improved VATs system which slows down time and allows you to pick your shots more accurately. However, Howard has also reassured that you can play the game like a traditional FPS, or in third person stealth mode. It’s entirely up to player choice.

The game will also begin prior to the nuclear fallout, and enable players to experience life before the world turned in on itself. You can play as a male and a female, and even see their offspring, unique to the way you design their look and appearance. The customization tools for characters are so much better as well, allowing you to move and adjust definition of a character with simple button presses, rather than adjusting a bar.

There are multiple choice dialogue options, which allow you to determine your playthrough the way you want it to. You can also command your dog and tell him to collect items for you, or fight enemies on your behalf.

Fallout 4 is also full of customisation options, creating turrets, defensive walls, allowing you to build up a base, and even a kennel for your buddy. You can even create over 700 weapon possibilities, creating all sorts of crazy combos, like chainsaw baseball bats and plasma sniper rifles.

Fallout 4 is looking incredible, and did we already mention it’s due for release this year? Like, 5 months time? Well, yeah… It’s going to be a busy holiday season.

Time to start booking leave. You’re going to need it…

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