June 2015


Starfox Zero coming Holiday 2015

A wonderful introduction from Nintendo featuring muppet-form Miyamoto, Reggie and Iwata, brought us the first real look at Starfox Zero. You can try different vehicles on courses, and game rebuilt using ideas from past. Not a remake or a sequel, just a re-imagining. Use Gyro on Gamepad to look around…


Mass Effect Andromeda revealed

Holiday 2016. That’s when you can play the next Mass Effect game. A very brief in-game trailer is shown, which gives you a taste of what’s coming next. Immerse yourself in a new galaxy with a new character. But unfortunately that’s about all we can tell you. Mass Effect Andromeda…


Fallout 4 coming in 2015

Oh, my, where do I begin? Actually, I know. Fallout 4 is coming in October. 2015. YES! Really! This Year. I know, right?! Ok, deep breath. Todd Howard has just blown open Pandora’s Box on Fallout 4 at the Bethesda E3 Conference. He’s talked about an improved VATs system which…

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