Fallout 4 Second DLC – Far Harbor – out May 19th

[Update] A new trailer from Bethesda has been released today. It shows a lot more of the content, as well as some behind the scenes footage.

Check it out below.

[Original Story] Bethesda have given us a launch date for Fallout 4’s next and biggest DLC, Far Harbour. In fact, this content has the biggest land mass for any piece of content Bethesda has ever done for an expansion.

Due May 19th, the Vault Dweller will once again team up with Valentine and his Detective Agency to solve a missing person case. A young woman has gone missing and it seems to be connected to a secret colony of synths. This leads the travellers to the coast of Maine and the mysterious island of Far Harbor.

The island is full of radiation poisoning and is a more feral environment than you’re used to. Players will need to make a choice in the growing Synth conflict, and do so through new faction quests, creation of new settlements, dungeons, and fighting through all new creatures.

You’ll also earn lots of gorgeous, sexy loot. Because that’s what it’s all about ultimately.

The Far Harbor trailer provides a chilling look at everything to come on the distant island. Not long to wait until we see the content play out in full.

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