Homefront: The Revolution Campaign Review and Analysis

It’s hard to believe that Homefront: The Revolution managed to release. The original game wasn’t a critical darling, and Revolution has jumped from studio to studio, seemingly in development hell for the longest time.

But it’s here, and found itself smack-bang in the middle of one the most competitive gaming months ever.

Was it worth the wait? Watch the video and see for yourself. Alternatively, check out some of our Byte-Sized points below…

Homefront: The Revolution Campaign in Byte-Size

  • A sexy concoction of Far Cry meets Metro with some inFamous Second Son splashed in, except it’s never quite the sum of its parts.
  • Resistance Mode (Online Co-op) saves the game from being a total hot mess – We will be covering this seperately.
  • Strong visuals and stability on PC, unlike issues that plague console iterations.
  • Gritty post-apocalyptic setting with a brutal difficulty curve
  • Weather effects are glorious. You can actually see the sun set and rise. Trees and leaves move with the wind, and textures are genuinely beautiful to look at.
  • There’s a vast map with plenty to do. You move between safe houses and have to hit Strike Points in a variety of different ways, like disabling a coolant system, or hacking devices to interfere with enemy communications.
  • You must save civilians with acts of liberation and sabotage in order to inspire hope and fealty. Save them from prisoner situations, home invasions, and by destroying heavily armoured convoy vehicles.
  • Job boards also allow you to do quests for a small reward and gain people’s trust. You can also use the money to purchase weapons and upgrades. Also collect and scavenge material to develop explosives and equipment.
  • Phone mechanic is proven and established in other games and works just as well here.
  • Three DLC Singleplayer packs already announced. Two smaller content packs coming in 2016, with a much larger pack arriving in 2017. Game will also receive regular free content updates for the co-op/multiplayer.


Final Analysis

The story peters out sooner than you’d like, and the mission variety turns to drudge quite quickly. Homefront: The Revolution is going to have a lot of difficulty competing against some other great releases in May and 2016 as a whole, yet there are flickers and glimmers of a great game lying underneath the dirt and rubble of this gritty world. Fortunately, the Resistance Mode stops this from being an entirely forgettable experience.

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