Fallout 76 to receive DLC roadmap this month, Patch 6 releasing this week

Bethesda continue to work hard on Fallout 76 with another major patch expected to drop this week.

A Survival Mode will release next month, along with lots of PvE content in an event known as ‘Wild Appalachia’. Bethesda plan to release a full DLC roadmap later this month to reveal all.

In the meantime, we know Patch 6 will drop this week, the last one before Wild Appalachia, and it will include, among other things, an increase of the Stash limit from 600 to 800 pounds.

Other big changes include the M79 Grenade Launcher and Auto Grenade Launcher being changed to Heavy Weapons, better UI displays for Player Icons, and if you accidentally damage another player’s C.A.M.P you no longer get tagged as wanted.

As soon as we get more details on Fallout 76’s Patch 6, we’ll pass them on.

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