Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC Achievement List Leaked

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars seems on track to release in July with the release of an achievement list.

Lost On Mars will have 7 Achievements worth 300 GamerScore with no secrets.

Some interesting achievements including taking down Arcahnids with the new Power Glove and collecting Larry’s Notes.

The full list is below, but obviously, avoid for the potential of spoilers.

DLC: Mars: Welcome to Mars Reboot the Terminal on top of the Control Center Antenna. 20
DLC: Mars:Bug Squasher Perform 10 takedowns on Arachnids using the Power Glove. 20
DLC: Mars: Mars Second Amendment Buy 12 weapons. 40
DLC: Mars: Slimy Death Hit 10 Arachnids with Crabmones. 20
DLC: Mars: Nick’s Story Complete the game (Host Only). 50
DLC: Mars: The Queen is Dead! Kill all the Queens (Host Only). 50
DLC: Mars: Martian Journal Collect all of Larry’s notes (Host Only). 100

The Far Cry 5 Season Pass opened with a bit of a whimper with Hours of Darkness, so we’re hoping for something bigger and better.


(Source: True Achievements)

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