Final Celeste DLC still not quite ready, will release after April 2019

Matt Thorson, creator of the awesome Celeste, is still working on Chapter 9 for Celeste but it’s not quite ready yet.

Announced back in January, Matt revealed he wanted to make a DLC to say ‘thank you’ to players for all the incredible support for Celeste.

This Chapter 9 DLC is seen as a farewell to the game and the fans and is the only reason physical copies of the game have not yet been made as they want to ship DLC with the disc.

Unfortunately, Chapter 9 will not be ready for April, but Matt seems optimistic that it ‘won’t be much longer’. Hopefully May time.

Chapter 9 will be a free content update for Celeste and we hope to have more news on the Celeste DLC as soon as we hear anything.

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