In Other News: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Smash Brothers

We kick this off with an unexpected surprise, but let GGS Gamer tell you all about it..

GGS Gamer

Club Nintendo


Friday night, Nintendo dropped a surprise in our inboxes: Super Smash Brothers 3DS demo codes. Just like that. Pow. No word or warning. They totally made some people very happy. Have a listen to the Podcast and hear the team’s reactions.

The Average Gamer

The Salt Pleeease


Alright, so we go from Nintendo’s major release this year to a rather wacky indie title that you can play for free right now. It’s all about out of proportion body parts and the idea is to pass a shaker of salt around the table by using your ridiculously sized arms to your advantage. You’ve probably never seen anything like it. Take a read of this

God is a Geek

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 


When is a sequel not a sequel? Indeed, Mr Cook. Indeed. Final Fantasy seems to be one of the few intellectual properties that can get away with having numbered installments but none of them having any relationship with one another. This latest title is also a stark deviation from the normal turn-based combat you might expect. It’s a rhythm game. No, really. The team at God is a Geek have been checking it out, but do they like what they see?

Stick Twiddlers

Resident Evil Discounts


If you’re a fan of Resident Evil games, then you’ve still got time to take advantage of Capcom’s awesome sale. They’ve got Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 and Revelations all at a discounted rate and all are available to download right now. Let the guys at Stick Twiddlers give you all the juicy details

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