Final Fantasy XI finds the Seekers of Adoulin

No, we’re not talking about the recent Final Fantasy MMO that’s currently being rebooted. The original Final Fantasy XI has received its fifth major expansion pack, and it’s now available for Xbox 360 and PC owners.

Final Fantasy XI has received the Seekers of Adoulin add-on today. The expansion features two new jobs. Geomancers can use elemental energy to aid companions and fight foes. Meanwhile, Rune Fencers are fancy with a blade and can use arcane runes to turn the tide of battle offensively and defensively.

The expansion also includes additions to the Ulbuka Continent and the Sacred City of Adoulin. There are also new monsters throughout the game and new gameplay systems, such as player-built outposts, new contract work and the introduction of special power spots.

The designs of the artifact armor and weapons for the new jobs were designed by Mr Kazushi Hagiwara, a renowned manga artist.

More details about the expansion can be found here. There appears to a mystery element yet to be revealed, but no word on what that might be.


Meanwhile, here’s the launch trailer.

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