Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age comes to Switch and Xbox with new content

Previously a PlayStation exclusive, Square Enix have finally released Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age for Switch and Xbox.

The new Zodiac Age edition enables you to alternate between remastered and classic soundtracks, but also introduces the Trial Mode.

This is basically a wave-based combat mode which is unlocked after Act 2, requiring you to survive as long as possible.

By surviving, you’ll unlock lots of cool new goodies, like additional Gil, Phoenix Downs and things like Serums and Hi-Ether.

Other enhancements have also been implemented, including support for up to 60fps exclusively on Xbox One X.

The Zodiac Age also offers a License Reset Function, extra Gambit Sets and a New Game + mode where you start players at 90.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age joins Final Fantasy X on both Switch and Xbox One and is available right now.

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