Final Fantasy XIV 2.25 goes Through the Maelstrom

A semi-major patch has gone live for Final Fantasy XIV, bringing the game to version 2.25.


The changes in-game focus mainly on the transition to PS4 and focus on some specific crashes on the console, but also introduce a few new quests, some PVP changes, more items to be dyed and other things.

The Strength of Echo buff has been raised to 15% for the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

The maximum rank in PVP was also raised to 40 and now there are an abundance of new rewards available for participants. There also new achievements and the wait time in the Duty Finder for Melee and DPS has been decreased.

Here is a list of some of the major fixes in this patch. The rest can be seen here


  • An issue wherein players could not complete the quest “Highway Robbery” under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein players would remain level synced after a FATE had ended.
  • An issue wherein the Rotten Stench ability would deal reduced damage under certain conditions in the Second Coil of Bahamut.
  • An issue wherein the following items could not be delivered for Expert Delivery missions:
  • Lapis Cross / Aquamarine Cross / Emerald Leaf / Emerald Bough / Gold Scales / Platinum Scales / On the Properties of Beastmen
  • An issue wherein no animation was displayed when using the item Cherry Confetti.
  • The parameters for Gloam Boots have been corrected as follows:
  • Before: Strength+24 Vitality+28 Accuracy+18 Skillspeed+25
  • After: Strength+24 Vitality+28 Determination+12 Skillspeed+25
  • An issue wherein the game client would crash when opening the Fishing Log.
  • An issue wherein the game client would crash when repeatedly changing areas.
  • An issue wherein retainer names would occasionally display incorrectly during a retainer venture.
  • An issue wherein direct chat would not function properly even when activated in the Character Configuration menu.
  • An issue wherein the game client would forcibly close when using Teleport or Return. (PlayStation®4).

Source (Lodestone)

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