Fortnite 1.8 Halloween Update brings the Fortnitemares

A Spooktacular new update has just hit for Fortnite, adding haunts and scares in time for Halloween.

Fortnite 1.8 adds a new zone – Hexsylvania – that adds 25 story quests, new creatures, eight new themed heroes, weapons, and yes, a spooky llama.

The update is now live, and for every 1,000 tickets you have, they will then be converted into Scavenger llamas.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s arrived in the update.

  • ~25 Story Quests
  • Spooky Creatures
    • Pumpkin Head Husk
    • Vampire Taker
  • Spooky Llama
    • Buy it with candy! 😀
  • Eight new themed Heroes all getting into the Hexsylvanian spirit!
    • Each Class/Gender
  • New Weapons
    • Pumpkin Launcher (How else will you defeat the Pumpkin Head Husks??)
    • Grave Digger
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