Middle Earth: Shadow of War DLC unveiled for 2018

We now know the full DLC plans for WB’s Middle Earth: Shadow of War as the contents of the Season Pass have been unveiled.

There will be four DLC packs between now and May 2018, with two of them featuring new playable characters.

Before the end of 2017, there will be two Nemesis system Expansions released which add new orc tribes to Shadow of War. In November, we’ll get the Slaughter Tribe, along with new missions, orcs, and fortress. The Slaughter Tribe like to ambush enemies.

Then in December we get the Outlaw Tribe, again adding new missions, orcs, and a fortress. Unlike The Slaughter Tribe, the Outlaw Tribe are all about rebellion, and regularly attempt to overthrow their leaders, attacking other orcs in the process.

Then in 2018, new story DLCs will be released for the game. The first – The Light of Galadriel – comes in February and will follow Eltariel, the Blade of Galadriel. Eltariel has dual blades and abilities, and will need to use them to quell the ever-present threat of the Nazgul.

And the final piece of content, due in May 2018, is entitled the Desolation of Mordor, putting you in the guise of Baranor, captain of Mina Ithil. You will need to galvanise a human army against an orc-threat, in a rogue-like campaign which sounds really intriguing. A glider will also be added to the game and given to players to help in battle.

The DLCs will be available separately, with the first three costing £11.99 and the Desolation of Mordor weighing in at a bit more at £15.99.

Shadow of War is out now, and our review will follow soon. We also hope to take a look at each of these packs individually as they release.

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