Fortnite 7.40 lets you earn Season 8 Battle Pass for Free!

The next major Fortnite Battle Royale Update is live and 7.40 hits just in time for Valentine’s Day so Epic have decided to share the love.

By completing 13 free Overtime Challenges by February 27th, you can actually earn the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass for absolutely free! You’ll even receive two Season 8 outfits instantly and can earn up to five more.

What’s more, if you already own Battle Pass 7, you’ll get unlockable styles for Trog, Powder, and Onesies outfits as Overtime Challenge rewards.

What’s more, gifting is back until February 22 and with it being Valentines Day, you can actually send the Heartspan Glider to someone for free until February 15th at 7pm ET.

A new semi-automatic Infantry Rifle has also been added to the fray, along with limited time mode rotations. The first one is Catch! – where all guns are taken away and you can only fight with thrown weapons like grenades and clingers.

Team Rumble is also in the mix as two large-sized teams fight to be the first to get 100 eliminations.

With a bunch of other weapons and items updates, gameplay fixes, and events, this is a whopper of an update that definitely rewards the time you spend playing!

(Source Epic)

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