Hollow Knight Hornet DLC is now a massive sequel called Silksong

Hollow Knight was scheduled to receive a massive DLC based on in-game boss, Hornet, but the project has grown so big that Team Cherry are turning it into a full on sequel.

Now known as Hollow Knight: Silksong, the sequel will launch first on PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch, and be centered on princess-protector of Hallownest, Hornet.

This ‘DLC’ has been conceptualised since the launch of the original Hollow Knight back in February 2017, but as Team Cherry began developing it, so the ambition of the project continued to grow. It reached a point where the ‘Hornet DLC’ became so large and unique that it grew to be a sequel.

Silksong will take you to an entirely different kingdom haunted by both silk and song. Here, Hornet will solve mysteries, fight baddies, and discover new powers to unlock some hidden secrets.

The kingdom of Silksong is made up of forests, grottos, cities and moors, but you’ll be able to craft tools, making traps and weapons. You’ll also be able to track down rare monsters and uncover lost treasure.

There’s even 150 new foes to fight and a Silk Soul mode which spins the content around in entirely new ways.

But the best piece of news is that if you were a Kickstarter backer for Hollow Knight and pledged from the $10AUD tier, you can receive a copy of Silksong on either PC or Switch absolutely free at launch! Just ridiculous.

2.8 million people have played Hollow Knight since launch and with the announcement of Silksong, we’re sure plenty more will follow.

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