Forza 5 Confirmed as Xbox One Launch Title.

Forza 5 was confirmed as a launch title for the Xbox One, It was one of the few games shown during Microsoft’s press reveal conference which took place on the 21st of May in Redmond US.

Not much information is known about the game of present, except for the cinematic trailer shown at the reveal and what has been leaked since.

Not much is given away in terms of details in the cinematic trailer, except that come the Xbox One’s launch, we can expect the same high octane racing through stunning locations in beautifully rendered cars that Turn 10 Studios has reliably offered up in the past. The trailer also featured an in game running commentary from motor sport commentator John Hindhaugh , no word on how, if at all, this will be incorporated into the final game.

Further details about the game have been revealed since the games’ announcement. Microsoft’s official blogger ‘Major Nelson‘ not only revealed via his blog what the next Xbox game box’s will look like, but also confirmed speculation that Turn 10’s partnership with Top Gear is set to continue as the cover also featured a Top Gear logo


So now both Sony and Microsoft have their staple driving title to launch their coming next-gen consoles with, Forza will be pitting itself against Sony’s own offering of ‘car porn’ Drive Club which it announced during their own PS4 revealback in February. Both games are currently looking fantastic.

Seriously can you spot the difference?


Forza 5


Drive Club


Visually, there is very little to separate the two titles at the moment. Both Drive Club and Forza are also set to face competition in the next-gen from the recently announced Need For Speed: Rivals. Not to mention Gran Turismo 6 which is sure to hit PS4 as well as PS3.

Is Forza 5 enough to make you an early adopter for Xbox One? Or are Microsoft going to have to offer more than a ‘generic’ racer’ to get you to purchase their big black box.

Let us know in the comments below.

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