Free Ford Mustang 2015 coming to Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals Brings you the 2015 Mustang DLC.

 How would you like to own a car of the future? No,unfortunately I’m not talking about the Doc’s DeLorean. However, all you Need For Speed Rivals Players out there can now take the recently revealed 2014 Ford Mustang for a virtual spin before its real world release next year.

Added to the already extensive roster of beautiful cars, the Mustang comes free through a title update. Mustangs have featured in the Need For Speed games since 2005, so, of course, It’s only expected that EA get first dibs on the latest set of wheels to be rolled out by Ford.

This in game promotion between EA and Ford mirrors a similar deal that the most recent GranTurismo game has with BMW. However, it means we players get to enjoy some free DLC with the sweetest sets of wheels available.

The free title update launches worldwide on December the 16th. Why not check out some sweet gameplay footage of that Mustang speeding through the desert below.

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