Galarian Pokémon from Sword and Shield crossing over with Pokémon GO

It seems Pokémon GO will be getting a crossover event with the imminent release of Sword and Shield.

In addition to leaks that a new Team Rocket Map and Giftbox will be making its way into the game with Niantic revealing grunts will drop items, new forms of Pokémon are also on the way.

Dataminers have investigated the code deeper and discovered a Galarian Pokedex through three interesting lines

  • Weezing_Galarian
  • Zigazagoon_Galarian
  • Linoone_Galarian

It’s interesting to note that Sword and Shield game exclusives Galarian Ponyta and Galarian FarFetch’d are not mentioned.

This means Galarian Form code is now in the game and it also means more Gen 8 Pokémon will be available at some point in the near future.

Remember, Meltan, which is a Steel-Type Mythic Pokémon and was first introduced in GO, is also from Gen 8.

With only three weeks to go until launch, we expect to hear more very soon, but it’s safe to assume there will be some sort of activity which ties the games together announced in the coming days.

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