Game of Thrones Telltale series to be announced at VGX

A bit of a blunder behind the scenes at the VGX has revealed one of the more shocking announcements this evening. Telltale are working on a Game of Thrones series and we’re going to see the first snippets of it tonight.

Best known for the highly successful The Walking Dead series, as well as the recently released The Wolf Among Us, it was speculated a few weeks back that Game of Thrones could be next. A source close to the subject matter spoke to IGN and spilled the beans, however nothing has been officially revealed, until now.

VGX were broadcasting rehearsals for tonight’s show without realising and during those rehearsals, it was revealed Telltale Games would be talking about their Game of Thrones project during the show. We didn’t see footage, but did learn that the series will be based on the books from George R Martin and not the highly successful TV series on HBO.

We’re only a few hours away from the awards, so more details will be revealed there, but its certainly exciting to hear the news. Telltale will surely do the source material justice.

Are you excited by this announcement?

(Via CVG and Spike Live Stream)

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