Gears 5 post launch DLC is earnable and multiplayer focused through Operations

Gears 5 is available from today if you’re on Xbox GamePass Ultimate, but Microsoft are already talking about the future.

With the official release set for September 10th, The Coalition released a video today which talks about post launch ‘earnable free content’.

These will be extensive challenges and rewards known as ‘Operations’ and will release every three months.

Each Operation will include new modes, maps, characters, customisation options and more.

Maps will be added for Versus and Horde, along with new tile sets for the game’s new Escape mode.

Ranked Seasons will be back as well and let you compare with others around the rest of the world.

Every Operation also brings along a Tour of Duty which includes Daily Missions, and you’ll be able to pick up certain rewards during a specific Operation.

Apparently, though, Operation is just the beginning of post launch content for Gears 5 with tons more to come. We’ll keep you posted.

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