Gears of War: Judgment has unreleased, on-disc DLC and people are already playing it

Not only have Epic & People Can Fly been caught in the act having DLC on-disc, some keen gamers are already playing a new, unreleased mode.

The Warzone game mode was planned as part of the Gears Judgment Season Pass, but it seems to be accesible in bare-bone form on the Judgment disc. A keen neoGAF poster has posted a picture showing their results in-game.

While we haven’t tested it, the mode is apparently very buggy and still in an unfinished form. The mode is likely to be patched even further nearer release.

Microsoft have yet to comment on this, but as several people have confirmed the exploit works, we’re sure that a patch or hot-fix will be quietly added to the game to prevent people doing the work-around.


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