Magicka: Wizard Wars is the new PvP Magicka title

The new title in the series aims to do one thing and one thing only. Destroy old friendships in new ways.

Magicka is one of the most popular Co-op games that has ever graced Steam, and rightly so. The unique way in which spells are cast and the pop-culture humour ensures that the game was a sure fire success from the get-go. However one thing in the game was never really refined was the PvP.

Well, the new title in the Magicka series aims to fix this. A standalone game titled “Magicka: Wizard Wars” will emphasize the fact that it’s ok to kill other players with big bolts of lightning.  The game is going to focus on fast paced, four on four spell casting action. Not much is known about the title yet other than the pop-culture humor and hardcore game mechanics that made the first game so popular will be carried over into Wizard Wars.

So, if I was you I’d get practicing some spells so that when the time comes, you can kill your friends in style.

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Aaron Lapper

Aaron Lapper is primarily a PC gamer but has experience with every type of modern day console. Most of the time you'll find him lurking around on Steam playing League Of Legends or any RPG he can get his hands on.
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