Ghost of Tsushima Legends update unsheathes on October 16

The major multiplayer update for Ghost of Tsushima will launch on October 16th.

This not only includes a New Game+ mode, but also a brand new co-operative mode called Legends.

Update 1.1 is free for all GOT gamers and centers around the Legends mode which lets you fight side by side with friends in story and survival missions.

There are different classes in Legends, each with their own defining attributes, such as a Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Asssasin.

The Story missions are made for two players, while Survival lets you have up to four.

And further into the future, there will be a Raid mode where you can use elite armor and teamwork to take down an epic boss.

On top of all that, Ghost of Tsushima will get a long-awaited New Game + mode, a photo mode for Legends, new cosmetics and trophies.

There’s also options to enable armor loadouts and a Ghost Flower Merchant who only appears during NG+

The free update launches October 16th for PS4

(Source: PS Blog)

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