God of War Ascension 1.10 released

1.09 has only just released but 1.10 is already here.

This content patch adds Labyrinth of Daedalus to Trial of the Gods. There are also plenty of bug fixes and combat balances.

Check out the full changelog…

Overall Feature Enhancements

Labyrinth of Daedalus

Now available for Trial of the Gods single-player and co-op. Conquer the massive Skorpion alone or with a friend.

New Labors for Bout of Honor

  • Glorious: Play 5 Bout of Honor Matches.
  • Resilient: Achieve the Tide Turner Feat 25 times.
  • Resolute: Achieve the Unwavering Feat 25 times.
  • Supremacy: Achieve the Dominator Feat 25 times.
  • Unrivaled: Win 5 Bout of Honor Matches.

Audio Adjustments

  • Audio Fixes for MoC 4 player and Announcer for all Localizations Fixed

Combat Adjustments

  • Combat Effects Updated
  • HUD fixes and adjustments for MP Objectives
  • Player Indicator appears when Teammates are Offscreen in Trial of the Gods Co-op
  • Visual Fixes for Brutal Kills
  • Brute Combat Fix for Trial of the Gods 1 and 2-player
  • Minor Hermes Boots Balance Adjustment for Trial of the Gods
  • Sword of Zeus Air L1 Triangle Bug Fix
  • Balance Adjustments to Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Relic of Divination Balance Adjustment
  • Hades: Relic of Haste Fix for Desecration Rank 3 Magic

Bout of Honor Adjustments

  • Updated Camera for Bout of Honor
  • BoH Scoring Fixes for Double KO
  • BoH UI Fixes
  • BoH Labors Added
  • Boh Tuning Changes
  • FX Corrections made to BoH intros and outros

Network Adjustments

  • Network fixes to address player dropouts
  • Network fix for Party System

Ascension continues to receive massive update after update. Are you still playing the game?

(Source: GOW)

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