Grand Theft Auto Online Roads get beefed up with The Schyster Deviant Muscle Car

Muscle car – The Schyster Deviant – is back in GTA Online and has been revamped and remodeled for the roads of Los Santos.

What’s more, if you play GTA Online any weekend in February, you’ll gain yourself a GTA$250k reward the following week, and can earn up to GTA$1m for the month!

You can even pick up a free Schyster T-Shirt for your rider if you play this week, just make sure to log in by February 13th. Can’t say fairer than that.

As always, there’s opportunities for Double GTA$ and RP opportunities if you challenge miniscule riders at the new RC Bandito Races this week. You can even reignite the rivalry between Beast and Juggernaut to get double rewards on Trading Places (Remix) at the same time.

With other boosts to Nightclub Popularity and Income, GTA Online definitely wants to reward players for their loyalty.

The Genetically-Engineered Monster Car, The Schyster Deviant, is available now in GTA Online.


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