Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Sets now available individually on eShop, pricing and details confirmed

Prices for Individual DLC Sets in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are revealed as placements appear on the Nintendo eShop.

All 5 sets have now been released on the eShop at a cost of £5.39 each and a further written confirmation from Nintendo that they will all be distributed by February 29th 2020.

The combined individual price for the five sets comes out at £26.95, meaning you’re making a saving of £4.46 if you buy the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass which retails for £22.49.

The Fighters Pass also contains an exclusive Rex Mii Fighter Outfit for Mii Swordfighter types. The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character is a bonus which was released back on Smash Bros launch day. No surprise, but this is absolute confirmation the Fighters Pass represents the best value for money.

Remember, the Piranha Plant DLC is not in the Fighters Pass and is sold seperately for £4.49 on the eShop, unless you got him free as an early adopter bonus.

For your £5.39, you’ll get 1 new fighter, a themed stage for that fighter, and several extra music tracks. And while most of the Season Pass is shrouded in speculation and mystery, we know that Joker from Persona 5 will be the first new addition to the game. It’s interesting to note, though, that Nintendo have not yet identified that on the eShop, nor gone into any specifics like release dates, assets or what stage and music tracks will accompany him.

The timing of this is interesting. There’s rumours a Nintendo Direct will happen on February 13th and Joker was revealed just over nine weeks ago at The Game Awards, so the release of Set 1 could be very close at hand. Considering all 5 sets will be released by February 29th 2020, it’s quite possible Joker could even appear by the end of this month!

And maybe we’ll finally get to find out how brave Kirby truly is should Set 2 get announced this week…

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