Greedfall Pre-Orders provide The Adventurer’s Gear DLC Pack

Greedfall is just a few weeks away, coming from the developers of The Technomancer.

And if you’re looking for some bonus DLC to go along with it, then by pre-ordering Greedfall you can also get The Adventurer’s Gear DLC Pack.

This will be available separately once the game releases September 10th, but there’s no definite date at the moment.

Until then, the only way to get this cool gear is by pre-ordering the game.

Included is the Rapier of the Alchemist – a blade crafted by master alchemist Al Saad, which sees the sword ignite with flame.

There’s also the Wild Boar Ivory Rifle, good for short-range blasts.

Finally the Explorer’s Outfit which provides extra luck and fortune for the wearer, with the Hat of the Discoverer, Doublet of Good Fortune and more.

Greedfall is looking really nice indeed but is going to have some stiff competition with two of the years’ biggest releases dropping imminently.

We’ll have more on the game in the coming weeks.

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Sam grew up with a PS2, spending hours howling at the moon in Okami and giving students wedgies in Bully. Fortunately, she also likes Pokemon because otherwise life could have been quite annoying for her.
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