Destiny 2 will receive a Battle Pass with Shadowkeep adding new DLC and content

Shadowkeep is almost upon us, the first Destiny expansion from Bungie outside of their relationship with Activision.

Today, Bungie have also confirmed that the Battle Pass is back but the system has been completely reworked.

For one, those who own the ongoing Season Pass there won’t be any additional purchase needed.

This time, you’ll also make progress by “earning XP doing the things you’re already doing in Destiny”

There will also be a ton of free Battle Pass Rewards as part of the upcoming Season of the Undying, including…

  • New Exotic Weapon – Eriana’s Vow
  • 3 Legendary Armor sets (1 per class)
  • 2 Legendary Weapons
  • Best of Year 2 Bright Engrams
  • Glimmer and Upgrade modules

Each Season in Destiny 2 is going to add to the evolving wider world, containing world arcs that hand off to the following Season.

In Season of the Undying, a portal to the Black Garden has been opened, but this will alter things irreperably ready for Season of the Dawn.

Season of the Undying is adding lots of new Exotic weapons, some unlocked as a free reward.

Year 3 of Destiny 2 will have four supported seasons of content, one more than last years’ annual pass, but similar to the Fortnite model, you can now opt into seasons individually.

For the full breakdown, check out the blog post.

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