GRID Autosport Announced!

Racing fans start your hype engines because popular racing series GRID is back on the scene. Codemasters today announced the next title to be released within the popular racing simulation series GRID.

GRID Autosport will be coming to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on June the 27th. However Autosport will not be coming to next gen systems. In a forum post on NeoGaf  Community Developer ‘CodiesLoore’ had this to say.

Next-gen GRID will come in time, we’re not going to rush that and get a game that can only run at 720/30 or something similar, next gen has to look and feel like ‘next gen’ for us.”



With GRID Autosport Codemasters is looking to take the popular racing series back to it’s roots and create a the most realistic racing simulation in the series to date.  Mentioned in the community blog used to Autosport, Codemasters had become concerned over community feedback saying GRID 2 was becoming to focused upon offering a narrative based driving experience similar to that of the Need for Speed franchise.

With GRID Autosport Codemasters will be offering a racing game focused primarily upon the driving experience by returning the handling to a more authentic style, offering up a variety of cars and different racing disciplines.



The authentic handling will ensure that each car feel unique and the variety or racing disciplines will include Touring Cars, Time Attack ,Supercars, Hypercars and much much more.

Autosport will have you burning rubber across 22 different locations  and over 100 different routes. Some of these being legendary racing locations such as the Yas MArina and Sepang circuits.

GRID fans however do not despair! As Codemasters also stated that they will continue to support GRID 2 with patches and DLC.

Be sure to check Expansive regularly for continued updates on the game as they are revealed closer to the release, which is only months away!

In the mean time why not check out the reveal trailer below. Theres lots of lovely, shiny cars to swoon over!


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