GTA Online gets Tron-nified with new Deadline Mode

The future has come to Grand Theft Auto Online with Deadline.

Players can now access the Nagasaki Shotaro motorcycle which would make Kevin and Sam Flynn grin like cheshire cats. This super fast, neon-glowing speed bike can be unlocked using the new Deadline Mode, along with a Deadline Outfit. You’ll even get a Nagasaki Logo T-Shirt added to your wardrobe.


What’s this Deadline we keep talking about? It’s a mode which pits four players against each other, all mounted on a different coloured Shotaro motorcycle which leaves a light trail. Just like in Tron, if your opponent crosses the light beam, they go BOOM!

You can use boosts strategically and slow down time with zoned for precision-based movement. You can even leap your opponent’s light trail by hopping over it. If you jump into the game on November 21st, you can earn Double GTA$ and RP.

In addition to that, you can get 25% off Business supplies and resupplies, in addition to an extra 50% off GTA$ and Double RP.

There’s even a Premium Race available from today till November 21st. Over the Bridge sees you cros the La Puerta Freeway and Los Santos’ docklands, locked to bikes. And it’s triple XP with some nice GTA$ prizes for top three finishers.

Get downloading and get involved.

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