Guardians of Middle-Earth New Map and Character ‘Unglob’

Guardians of Middle earth is about to get a little more ‘creepy crawly’ with the addition of new playable guardian ‘Unglob’ and the new three-lane Mirkwood map skin, both available in the new ‘Spiders of Mirkwood’ DLC Update.

The announcement from developer Monolith Studio details the new playable character Unglob as a vicious and ferocious giant spider, similar to Shelob. It’s able to both stun and damage its enemies through its bite attack. To back this up, it can also spew forth a cloud of poison gas for an area effect attack. Players will also feel right at home playing as Unglob in the new playable map skin Mirkwood, often a home to many a giant spider within the Tolkien universe.

The Spiders of Mirkwood DLC update is available for download now on the XBLA Market Place and PlayStation Network

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