Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion announced

The first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, has been announced at PAX South.

It’s the first from ArenaNet and follows on from Episode 8 of the Living World story, seeing players travel into the Maguuma Jungle.

There will be an entirely new area in the Heart of Maguuma made up of three layers, Core, Root and Canopy. There will be new content, bosses, creatures and events.

Players will be able to Hanglife and travel on wind currents and there’s a new account-wide Mastery system, including new training options for characters past level 80.

There’ll also be a new specialisation system that will enable you to change your class completely, a PvP game mode called Stronghold where guilds can fight each other, a WvW Borderland and Guild Halls can act as a hub for friends.

Interestingly, the level cap will not be raised beyond 80 with this expansion.

There’s still a lot of info we don’t know yet, such as price, release date and whether we’ll get a new race, but Heart of Thorns certainly has plenty to get us excited about already.

More as we get it.


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