Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Trailer rolls out

It’s exciting times for all of you Call of Duty fans out there with details of the first DLC pack and a funky new trailer coming to light today. Let’s have a look what the official PR blurb has to say and before we take a look at the trailer, whet the appetite…

Deploy to the Gobi desert where the ravaged ruins of a nuclear fusion plant set the stage for a high-octane war zone. Take down enemies through the wreckage in long-range combat or get up-close and personal in the tunnels surrounding the central turbine. Activate decontamination drones using the map-based score streak to help clean out the competition.

Oh yeah did I mention… Zombies!?!

Then get ready for a new breed of Zombies. A DNA bio-weapon unexpectedly spawns a bloodthirsty, ravenous mutant horde infecting an entire secret Atlas research facility and sending personnel running for their lives. Following a failed evacuation, four survivors, un-trained and under prepared, must face the most vicious mutations ever unleashed.

You also get a couple of new weapons and four new Multi-player maps, not too shabby; if you fancy a go you can grab it on January 27th.

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