Halo 4 gets Champions Bundle

Halo 4 will receive an enormous multiplayer expansion on August 20th.

The Halo 4 Champions Bundle includes three DLC packs, plus bonus content that contains 18 new in-game items exclusive to the Bundle.

The Champions Bundle will be available for 800 MSP and comes with the following…

– Bullseye Pack: Two multiplayer maps, sports-themed Spartan armour and a new competitive gravball game type called Ricochet. Ricochet requires players to protect team goals and, of course, scoring. Scoring by running nets 50 points, while throwing the ball gets 20 points. The first to 150 wins the match. Also included are maps, Vertigo and Pitfall. While Vertigo is a brand new map, designed for Slayer and Extraction, Pitfall is a recreation of Halo 3 classic, The Pit. Pifall comes with new features based on community feedback.

– Infinity Armour Pack: Spartan can be dressed up in legendary new armour

– Steel Skin Pack: Bring an elaborate steampunk style to UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weapons.

You can buy each pack seperately on August 20th at the following prices, though you will miss out on the bonus items if you choose to purchase the content in this way.

– Bullseye Pack (480 MSP)

– Infinity Armour (240 MSP)

– Steel Skin (240MSP)

The bonus content with the Champions Bundle includes the Resistor Tactical Package, a specialised armour mod allowing for full mobility and dexterity when taking incoming fire.



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