Halo 4 tweaks inbound

New weapon changes and vehicle adjustments are incoming in future updates.

The map packs as part of the Season Pass are now out there and finished, but that’s not the end of 343’s support for Halo 4. Not by a long shot.

The weapons are going to be adjusted quite considerably. The Marksman Rifle will remain the same, but other weapons are being tweaked, such as the kill-time for the Battle Rifle. Although 343 are also considering reducing the rate of fire. The Carbine has also had its kill-time reduced from 8 shots to 7.

Light Rifle’s optimum range has also been adjusted to match the DMR

On top of that, the Assault Rifle, Suppressor and Storm Rifle have received a slight damage increase, but an auto-aim decrease.

343 also had this to say about vehicles.

Lastly, as we’ve mentioned in the past, we understand the need for viable and effective vehicles in Halo multiplayer, and as a result, we’re looking at bumping up the damage on both the Warthog and the Mantis chain gun.

These won’t be all the changes, either. 343 are already considering tweaking the aim-adjust on the Beam Rifle, as well as a few other considerations.

A matchmaking update will hit on Monday that alters Regicide and Grifball playlists, rotating the maps available.

(Source: OXM)

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