Harry Potter Wizards Unite makes changes due to Coronavirus

Following Niantic’s excellent approach with Pokemon GO, WB and Portkey Games have implemented some new measures for Wizards Unite players in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can claim a store bundle free of charge which gives you 4 Tonic for Trace Detections. The amount of traces has now been increased to 30 on each tonic.

What’s more, tonic ingredients appear more frequently on the map and there’s 50% master note effectiveness, so they’re easier to brew.

Additionally, spell energy has been added to the map, and there’s increased energy in gifts, as well as more traces on the map and the option to open 20 gifts instead of 10 a day.

From Monday, Portkeys can also be opened at 1/2 distance.

Further considerations are also being made for WU, including revamping tasks for the upcoming second part of the Brilliant Event. Requests have also been made to somehow make Fortresses available to everyone, though this is unlikely.

The game’s upcoming Community Day on March 21st was cancelled and there’s no word on how the game’s ‘Marauder’s Map’ event is being affected from March 31st.

While WB and Portkey Keys have done a commendable job, it certainly feels like Pokemon GO is benefitting much more right now with more spawns, longer incense lures and increased gift frequency, plus the addictive battle league component.

I’m certainly spending more time on it at the moment. It remains to be seen if Wizards Unite undergoes further changes in the coming days.

(Via In-Game News, Orange Wizard)

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