Hearthstone Rise of Shadows Expansion drops April 9

Hearthstone will add 135 new cards to its deck in Rise of Shadows, a brand new expansion.

Releasing April 9, new villains will be introduced into the game as you join a league of miscreants. The League of E.V.I.L include the likes of King Togwaggle, Dr Boom, and Hagatha the Witch.

This time, however, they have lackeys to serve their command, each with little battlecries which contribute to Schemes. These are spells which become more and more powerful overturns.

Of course, every villainous group has an Achilles heel – in this instance the Defenders of Dalaran. These heroes use potent Twinspells magic spells which can be copied and used again during the same turn.

The Hearthstone Pack releases April 9 and you can pick up 50-pack and 80 pack bundles.

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