Hollow Knight’s new Hornet DLC will be shown off February 14th

Hollow Knight is due to receive a new DLC this year based on the first boss, Hornet, and Team Cherry will offer a first look this Valentine’s Day.

Confirmed via their Twitter, they simply say ‘Ready the needle’ and tell us to prepare for a ‘first look at Hornet’s new adventure’.

The DLC was confirmed, and even expected, last year but Team Cherry had been working so hard on launches for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the Godmaster update, that things have clearly taken longer than expected.

Hornet is encountered several times in Hollow Knight and is a protector of Hallownest’s ruins. While she cuts an enigmatic figure, we get a bit of her backstory during the base game as she wields a needle and thread in battle.

The DLC is mostly shrouded in mystery, but we do know that Hornet’s rival – Steel Assassin Sharpe – will feature in the game as a boss. According to a recent Team Cherry blog post, ‘Sharpe is a hunter from a distant land … he’s tasked with eliminating Hornet and has not come alone.’

Steel Assassin Sharpe is actually a boss part-created by a Kickstarter backer for the game, and the rest of the DLC will also feature other ‘backer bosses’ and ‘backer dungeons’ once the content drops.

We’ll have more later this week when Team Cherry give us a full reveal.

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