Insane Robots shuffles two DLC packs into its deck

Card battler, Insane Robots, has received two DLC packs today, creatively titled Robot Pack 5 and Robot Pack 6.

Both retailing for £2.49 each, the add-ons give you a variety of synthetics to use in local and online multiplayer modes.

In Robot Pack 5, you will receive Scramble, Darf Darf, Ceph, and Unit 09785. While Scramble seems to be a bit of a sleepy head, Ceph is a tentacled, highly advanced multi-tasker.

As for Robot Pack 6, Cutlaz, Krom, Icebox, and Cypod are unlocked. Cypod is a cyclops type character, while Krom is an assassin hitbot. What a scary thought!

Insane Robots is a roguelike card-battler with one on one duels in randomly generated arenas. The game came with an optional Season Pass – worth £11.99 – and the release of these two DLC packs end the current run of support for the game.

Insane Robots is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for £15.99.

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