Horizon: Forbidden West Complete Edition with all DLC comes to PC March 21st

Heavily rumoured and largely expected, the complete edition of Horizon: Forbidden West is coming to PC very soon.

Releasing March 21st on Steam and EGS, the release follows a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn which released a few years back and sees the continuing adventures of Aloy.

The Complete Edition, of course, includes all DLC, including the absolutely smashing Burning Shores DLC which we adored.

Pre-orders will also get you a Blacktide Outfit and Bow, and if you link your Steam account to PlayStation, you’ll also unlock a Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear.

In terms of what is offered in the PC version, you’ll get ‘unlocked frame rates, customisable graphic settings’ as well as the potential for faster loading times, NVIDIA support and even support for ultra-wide resolutions. It’s going to look simply breathtaking.

I mean, look at the trailer. It IS breathtaking. Horizon: Forbidden West Complete Edition launches March 21 on PC.

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