WWE 2K24 getting Nightmare Family Pre-Order DLC and 5 Packs Post Launch

WWE 2K24 has been officially announced with Cody Rhodes, Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair as cover stars.

It’s coming in hot with a release date of March 8th and we already know it’s going to be well supported deep into the year.

As Cody is a cover star, at launch, pre-order DLC of the Nightmare Family is focused heavily on the Rhodes family with 4 playable characters and 3 MyFaction Cards.

The pack includes…

  • Dusty Rhodes 76
  • Stardust
  • Superstar Billy Graham
  • Cody Rhodes (Undashing)
  • Cody Rhodes Mattel (MyFaction)
  • Dusty Rhodes 76 (MyFaction)
  • Pharaoh Manager (MyFaction)

A 40 Years of Wrestlemania pack is also coming in at launch with alternative attires for several stars, and Gold MyFaction cards

This includes

  • Triple H (WM 30 Attire)
  • Rhea Ripley (WM 36 Attire)
  • Macho King Randy Savage (WM 6 Attire)
  • Charlotte Flair (WM 32 Attire)
  • Rey Mysterio (WM 22 Attire)

We also know there will be five DLC packs coming post launch. The superstars are unannounced at this time, but one can’t help wonder if CM Punk will headline one of these packs if he didn’t make the main roster. There’s also been some big callups in recent weeks including Tyler Bate, Carmello Hayes and Cameron Grimes that may have missed the roster deadline.

And what about Jade Cargill?

We’ll find out more soon enough, for sure. But for now, get ready for March 8 when WWE 2k24 comes to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It’s not coming to Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, but with rumours of Switch 2 dropping this year, maybe it’ll end up as a launch title.

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