Huge Streetpass update for 3DS goes live today

A huge and surprising StreetPass 3DS update has gone live today and it includes four brand new StreetPass Mii plaza games as add-on content.

The update is available for 3DS right now and will allow 3DS owners to change the expression of their Mii character when they meet another via StreetPass.

Also featured, future StreetPass updates no longer require an overall 3DS system update.

The main attraction of the update, however, is the inclusion of four brand new StreetPass games. Exciting for those who love collecting puzzle pieces and are addicted to StreetPass quest.

They are, as follows…

  • StreetPass Squad:  Players blast their way through enemies in a scrolling space shooter with the help of StreetPass characters.
  • StreetPass Garden: This challenges players to grow a garden of flowers and cross-pollenate them with the plants of visitors that they meet through StreetPass.
  • StreetPass Battle: Players collect troops through StreetPass in StreetPass Battle, clashing with other warlords to take over the world.
  • StreetPass Mansion: This lets players design and explore a multi-level mansion using rooms and hallways received from StreetPass characters.

Completing accomplishments within these four additional games unlock new full-body outfits and hats for their Mii characters.

These titles are not free, however and must be purchased seperately. They can only be played once the update has been completed.

We hope to check these games out in some detail and offer you some hands-on with them over the coming weeks…


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