Radajan: Ray’s Animal Crossing Diary: Day Three

Mayor Ray is now rid of his down payment and seems quite pleased with himself. That is, until he learns that he’s only paid a fifth of the cost.

Meanwhile, a new resident moves into Radajan….

Day Three

I am so glad to be out of that tent. The amount of mosquito bites i’ve got all over me. Phew!

On the plus side, my house is ready and it is beautiful. Although I reckon it’s more like a flat. I mean, I get these animals are building for animals so they’re going to think economical and small. I understand that, but I’m not an animal. You know, I like to stretch my legs. I like to move about.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I’ve already paid off my deposit by trading in a few sea shells and some fruit and it’s already built despite me finalising things yesterday. I can’t really say fairer than that…

I just wish they’d not thought of me in terms of a hamster and maybe thought of me more in terms of … I don’t know … a lion? Yeah, a lion. Big and agile and strong. Given me something more on the scale of a kingdom, you know.

No, I’m not going to moan. Today is a good day. The sun is out again. I can start doing Mayor things and I can live a normal life. Everything’s great.

The positive thing is, I must have looked happy because Isabelle could tell I was happy. I stroll in and the first thing I do? Dive into my chair and start swivelling it around. I am the boss. Feet on the table. Hands behind my head.

Life. Is. Good.

Isabelle is pleased to see me getting comfortable in my role and so starts telling me about the town satisfaction and how I can make it better. She tells me that I need to start speaking to people, listening to them, but also learn more about the area and make good use of current resources. She recomends I start taking up fishing, or perhaps start looking for hidden relics to showcase in the town’s museum.

Isabelle also tells me that a new resident has arrived today and is starting unpacking her new place. She suggested that, at some point, I pop by and introduce myself.

Yeah, sure. Why not? All that sounds simple enough.

So I start my day by trotting off to Timmy and Tommy Nooks Nookling Store. With a few extra bells in my pocket, I take a look around. Not only did I grab myself a fishing rod, I also picked up a bug net and a shovel. Essential tools around these parts, so i’m told.

I then popped my head into big daddy Tom Nook’s store. I felt like I should really say thank you for building the house so quickly and getting a roof over my head. The turn-around time was ridiculous.

He grinned mischieviously.

‘Yes, yes … no problem .. glad you like it …’

But just as I was on my way out…

‘Oh, by the way … you’ve just paid off 1/5 of your deposit. That means there’s another 39,999 bells outstanding to pay … ‘

You …. What … Hey … I … Now hang on a minute here…

‘You can pay it off when you like. Just drop it off at the post office when you’ve got it. No pressure….’

Is he having a laugh? My old shed was bigger than that place!! I wouldn’t even let the dog sleep in there as it was too small!! And that’s a dog. Not a human. He reckons i’m paying all that for …

I’m going fishing. I have to get out here. That blasted racoon!

I slammed the door shut and left…

I found a convenient, cute little spot just next to my house and it was filled with a thriving fishy community.  I needed to be far away from that scam-artist. Far, far away. Now I know why they call him Nook. Scraping for pennies in every nook and cranny. UGH!

Thankfully when I pulled the fish out of the pond, they didn’t talk back to me and I was able to have myself a nice breakfast and dinner. The best meal i’ve had since i’ve been here.

A couple of the locals stopped by and asked how I was getting on. I didn’t mention my problems with Nook. For now, I just wanted to forget about him, so I presented the illusion that everything was fine and life was good and I’m the happiest mayor they’ve ever had. Blahdy blah…

One thing I did notice, though, some of them take fishing so seriously. Especially Monique. I mean, she’s a cat that cares all about appearence. She goes in all the designer shops, has all the best clothes and is, without question, the town gossip. 

You might not think it to look at her, but she gets in the zone when chasing after fish. I learned my lesson today …. DON’T disturb her.

I moved on quickly so I couldn’t be accused of being distracting. Besides, I wanted to start looking for hidden fossils in the ground. The museum was looking mighty bare and it could do with rejuvination. Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to come across some specialities that the elephant in the room … (har, har … geddit … ) hadn’t already added to his archives. From a dinosaur bone to a crystalised shell, I was starting to shape the place up a bit.

I’d wearily wandered about enough and decided to trade some of my left over fruit, fish and shells for extra bells at the recycling store. While there, I decided to buy a few items for the house. It does look a bit bare in there, afterall. (Apart from Froggy’s lantern….)

After a bit of digging around, I settled on a decent, straight-laced single bed, a nice wooden chest of drawers and an alright looking wardrobe. All for around 3,500 bells. Not bad, eh? Whoever said Mayors don’t make good bargain hunters.

I nipped home. Set them all up and placed them as neatly as possible. Job done. Then, just as I was about finished, Isabelle popped around and gave me a house-warming present: Wallpaper! Ok, it’s bright yellow and I’m not the biggest fan of yellow, but I’ll take what I can get, and it actually goes quite well with everything I’ve got. Who knew dogs had taste? Don’t get me wrong, Monique probably wouldn’t care for it, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…

I chose to spend the closing moments of my day popping by to see Isabelle. Radajan’s latest resident didn’t have much time to talk, but she looked exhausted shifting boxes around. I said my piece, she seemed happy to see me, then she called me Snorty and sent me on my way.

Snorty … do I look like someone who snorts? Also, I’m not an antelope! How can she not tell I don’t have a trunk, or a fetish for ants. I’m not bothered about insects at all, actually.

Oh, and I’m not allowing any ant colonies to be built here just to keep her happy. I’m not waking up to any ant invasions or being accused of giving rights to insects. She’ll have to do her own ‘snorting’… I’m sure the trees will happily oblige.

I hope none of them ever get to read this diary…

Snorty …. Pfffffftt….

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