Insurgency: Sandstorm introduces Arcade Mode, Guns, and performance tweaks in first major DLC update

A new Arcade playlist has been added to Insurgency: Sandstorm in the game’s first major free content update.

This offers special game modes, unique enemies, and items, offering a new perspective on the way you play. Team Deathmatch is the first mode offered, requiring you to kill 150 enemies to win, but there’s heavy explosives available on the map, as well as new upgrade points. More modes will be added over time.

Five new guns have also been added in, with the MP5A5 for security, and the MP5A2 for Insurgents. There’s also new machine guns – the MG3 for Insurgents and the M240B for Security. Finally, a Security Handgun, the PF940 takes 9mm rounds with high capacity magazine.

The update also tweaks some things, with flash grenades being more efffective, and quality of life fixes based on feedback.

There’s even new cosmetics to deck your insurgents out in. All for free, which is pretty awesome.

The update is available to download right now.

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