Left Alive Survival Pack DLC available with Day One Edition

Left Alive from Square Enix is out next week and will receive a Survival Pack DLC with all Day One Edition orders.

Made by developers of both Metal Gear and Armored Core, you’re transported to the year 2127 in fictional Novo Slava, a city full of mechs and ruins.

As three different characters with unique paths, you have to find a way to restore peace and bring about an end to the conflict.

The Day One Edition may help with that as it comes with a Survival Pack DLC which gives, the following

  • An ammo pack which offers extra bullets for your characters
  • The U5-11-15 Klyuch which is a different colour variant of the standard version
  • A recovery item set that restores health
  • A grenade pack full of different types with powerful abilities
  • A light body armor which reduces damage taken from attacks

And if you get the game digitally, you can also snag yourself a PS4 Statis Theme.

If you’re looking for a definitive edition, there’s also a Mech Edition of the game which gives you your own action figure, as well as a collector’s box, hardback art collection, and steelbook case. Sounds neat.

Left Alive releases March 5th on PC and PS4.

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