Joe Danger coming to Vita in 2014. Infinity announced for iOS

Joe Danger is finally making the jump to Playstation Vita. You’ve been asking for it and now you’re going to get it. Thanks to a collaboration between Hello Games and Four Door Lemon, both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie will come to Vita in Q2 2014!

The two companies are coming together due to the enormity of upcoming Hello Games project, No Man’s Sky and Four Door Lemon will help take on the brunt of the development in order to make the dream project a reality.

Four Door Lemon have previously worked on the HD port of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee for Playstation 3 and the highly addictive mobile game, New Star Soccer.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has gone on record to say that Foor Door Lemon are one of the ‘very few people’ they would trust with their ‘baby.

In addition, an ‘endless-runner’ for iOS has been announced. Joe Danger: Infinity is an exclusive mobile title and has been described by Sean Murray as ‘unfinished business’ from the mobile space.

In Infinity, Joe is a gumball machine toy that comes to life when opened. He will race across family dinners, bedroom floors and over large objects. There will be two dozen playable characters and 20 new vehicles, like tanks and airplanes.

No word on an Android release.

(Via VG247 & Eurogamer)

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