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Welcome to the first in our Kickers Corner series.

Here at ExpansiveDLC, we are going to bring your attention to the Indie games of tomorrow now appearing on Kickstarter. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with how the game does in the big wide world.

As the games are in the embryonic stages, we let the people behind the game tell us about it, providing the dreams and ideas behind their project and what they hope to achieve with the donations from yourselves.

If you’re about to launch your bid for help on Kickstarter and you would like to bring it to Kickers Corner over at ExpansiveDLC, let me know at @Villordsutch and we will get it arranged for you.


Our first look is a game called 6 Realms from Jeremy B Harris…

6 Realms (Indie Development)

An action packed, side scrolling RPG returning the essence of your favorite retro and old-school games. This release is about my indie dev title called 6 Realms. It has many classic elements throughout the game, influenced by games we all enjoyed in our childhood, including Zelda, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy.

Main Character - Kastor

Main Character – Kastor

The 6 Realms storyline follows the main character Kastor in his journey to regain lost memories.   The player must travel through the 6 Realms and recover each of his memories. Completing all 6 Realms will involve slaying countless enemies and defeating challenging and unique boss fights.  The game will culminate in discovering and confronting the villain responsible for his loss of memory.

Each of the 6 Realms will represent a level and include their own unique mysteries and challenges. The first realm you will encounter is Erebus, the underworld and realm of Hades. Here you will encounter monsters that are unique but familiar. This will be the introduction of Kastor’s journey.  Kastor is a bad-ass with a witty sense of humor, a limited patience, and endless perseverance.

Players can experience numerous components of 6 Realms including hidden Easter Eggs, new character abilities, and unlock-able outfits. The game storyline and dialogue will entrance players and provide hours of entertainment along with game-play and comic book style cut scenes. This will be a one of a kind game with new content and numerous classic inspirations.

Kastor will have two different weapon types, one being his trusted sword Uthbert with the ability to crush enemies in close combat. Next up will be a weapon known as a Tri-Star designed to slay enemies by the dozens from a safe distance. These are just a few of the elements we have created thus far and are looking forward to bringing these and more to fruition during development.

6 Realms will provide an outstanding game-play experience and has the potential to become a legend in the indie gaming industry.  We are now live on Kickstarter!


Background of the Erebus Realm


6 Realms seems here to stay and ready to make a great impact on fans worldwide. It has now launched live on Kickstarter


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